Starting The Process

Firstly thank you for the excellent response to An Open Letter To The SAFA. The feedback and support was superb and very refreshing. It would seem there is a definite appetite for the beginning of the end coming for the cheats in our game.

I have taken the criticism which has been both constructive and dismissive on board and it has got me thinking a lot more on the subject. I will now be submitting a proposal that the SAFA remove the rule of clubs being able to pay travelling expenses to players thus eliminating the loophole if a club was ever to be challenged by the governing body.

I would also like to hear from anyone who has direct experience of a club who has been paying players to play for them. It is not my intention to expose anyone who speaks up but I have no issue in being able to put together some form of documentation of instances of cheating and presenting it to the SAFA. All communications will be in extreme confidence.

I have no doubt that people in high places have read my last blog. It was retweeted numerous times and the official SAFA account was mentioned in all of the social media discussions. To date nobody from that office has contacted me but I would love to hear from someone to discuss how we can go forward. We need action here because genuine football men are becoming disillusioned with amateur football due to being outbid on players.

There were several suggestions muted about the best course of action. Some of these were very extreme. For example teams refusing to participate in the Scottish Cup until the cheats are hounded out. It was also suggested that payment of players is sanctioned and a separate league is created for those with the financial backing to function in such a setup. These are radical steps for extreme circumstances but we may not be as far away from these events as we think.

If anyone has any other ideas then I would love to hear them. We can’t let this momentum go away.

Someone has to do something.

The Gaffer

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