Who Am I?

To kick off and in answer to the above question, I don’t plan to reveal who I am or what amateur football clubs I have been involved in. There are a few reasons for this but in the main I can speak a lot more freely if nobody knows my true identity. I don’t aim to be controversial or bad mouth any of my previous club or players, I only wish to talk about what I have seen or witnessed and to give a little insight into the other side of football and a side that most people who play at grassroots level may never know.

I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging on football for some time and I’ve finally decided to have a go at hopefully speaking with some sense about one of my biggest passions, the amateur game.

My background

Bearing in mind that I’m being cautious of giving too much away, I have a decent level of experience at management in a very competitive league in the West of Scotland. I’ve always managed teams on my own with little or no assistance which gives me more ammunition for want of a better phrase for this blog. Taking all of my experiences into account I am or have been the manager, coach, physio, kit man, secretary, treasurer and social event organiser for my clubs. There are hundreds of guys like me up and down the country who balance their own job with their “other” full time job as an amateur football manager, all for the love of the game and not a penny more.

Keep an eye out for my first proper post that should drop shortly and please give my twitter account a follow in the meantime @thegaffersview

Amongst all the stories and opinions that I write about I mostly want the people who will read this to have a laugh and relate to all, or some of what I say.

Keep up the good work

The Gaffer

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