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Following the theme of the blog I am here to offer some opinions from a coaches perspective, again though this is purely my own opinion, you can be as critical or as positive as you like about what I have to say today. Each tone is welcome.

I have seen some fantastically well run football clubs, committee members contributing their own percentage of work in order for the team to become greater than the sum of their parts. This is a typical example of a positive and open minded approach where new ideas and opportunities are explored to their fullest. Coaches can step in and contribute their own amount of work in order to progress and sharpen the team up further. The dark side of Scottish football is still very much alive though, Ricky Sgabria proved that the fundamental problem still remains. A lot of senior people of Scottish football have a closed mind, a preset idea on how football should be played, what attitudes to have and how to conduct themselves.

Style of play is get the ball forward at any cost, a regular word being used is “offloading”

Just recently I observed a training session where there must have been maybe 30 players or so, not a football in sight. Keeping in mind this was not for a small technical practice, this was for a full training session. Physical fitness before ball control. Is this the fundamental problem with Scottish football?

The physical application of a Scottish footballer has become engrained in the national psyche, always lacking in any real technical ability. Modern football however is following a more technical route and has been for quite some time, in terms of coaching there is no reason why this aspect cannot be added to the amateur game, the average age of the footballers in mind wouldn’t be ideal for dramatic development but there is always opportunity to add to a footballers game.

What are your thoughts?

The Coach

One thought on “A Coaches View

  1. I went to an adult coaching course on Monday with the SFA. And it’s completely changed my outlook to how I’ll set up and deliver my team. Long ball will be a means of defence clearing only.


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