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Taking the opportunity for another guest spot this fellow amateur Manager who is currently working hard in the Strathclyde Saturday Morning League had this to say…


My topic is about coaching courses and to be honest I would say I have had a bee in my bonnet about them for a great number of years.

Growing up in the north of Glasgow playing on the concrete and ash pitches with a ball was my background, no coaching courses to be seen and the best talent was making the grade through school football and youth football. No A B C D certificates in sight and grass root football was flourishing.
Step forward years on and the coaching courses are the “way forward.” Joe from down the road had never liked football or even played but decided I will have some of that, low and behold he has the certificates. Yes, the same ones that Tom, Dick and Harry have! I question this…

Twenty nine years ago I thought of applying for Largs, where coaching courses were the place to go at a price of £500 but changed my mind because money was the obstacle, money, that’s my point.

SFA courses in my opinion are more about the money than the passion, since the outbreak of the courses where you can go to any school, etc nowadays to get these certificates if baffles me that the Tom, Dick and Harry can get certificates and read the manual that all of the Scottish coaches read! See my point?

God didn’t hand the manual to Jim fleeting and say here do it this way and from my knowledge that’s were we have went truly wrong

Where’s the open mindedness from the modern day coach, basic simpleness and using your own tuition.
Do you need certificates to prove your worth on a football pitch as a coach?

Team A Manager and Team B Manager finished there course together for there C badges and play each other on the Saturday. Do you see my point? Lets read the same manual and play the exact same way. As I said before I don’t agree with it. Scottish football has went back the way it’s too structured and freedom of play and passion has gone.
Call me synical but I believe in my own mind when it comes to the game I love.

Another Gaffer

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